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Land Clearing for Pasture & Pasture Reclamation

Field and pasture clearing / restoration is one of our most popular services. It is one of the most rewarding to provide. We have our own small farm and are fully aware of the difficulties associated with creating pasture. In the past everyone just bulldozed unwanted trees and vegetation into piles and either burned it or hauled it away. Burning these huge piles damages the topsoil layer and can take several years to recuperate. Hauling is very time consuming and expensive. Hauling also creates a lot of traffic across the field areas. This compacts the soil and causes rutting. Land stripped in this method can become a huge erosion problem. Although there are times when this is still needed, most projects are faster, less expensive, and better for the property when done with a forestry mulcher.

Forestry Mulching for Pasture

One goal of any field or pasture project is soil fertility. With Forestry Mulching, the mulch left behind will decompose, creating a richer soil. It will also prevent erosion from carrying off nutrients. We can usually mulch as much or more in a day as dozers and backhoes can push into piles. The wonderful thing is that at the end of that day that area is finished. The other methods still have to either burn, bury or haul off the debris. Our low ground pressure equipment is also much easier on the topsoil. With forestry mulching the finished job is immediately more attractive than any other clearing method. If you are looking to build pasture, you should consider Forestry Mulching. Your topsoil will thank you for it.



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