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Clean Up After Logging

After you have the timber logged off of your property, you are left with a huge clean up job. There are tree tops, limbs, logs and stumps left behind. There are usually trees that were not good for harvesting that are damaged. You probably will be losing valuable topsoil to erosion every time it rains. This is not only ugly, it decreases your property value.

stump grinding after timber harvest

Forestry Mulching is the Answer

With our Forestry Mulching Equipment, we can turn all the debris into mulch. This fresh carpet of mulch will help control the erosion and help replenish the damaged topsoil. We can selectively mulch your remaining damaged trees without causing damage to the ones you want to keep. For best results, we would like to consult with you BEFORE you have the timber harvested. Although we can handle it afterwards, we can coordinate a nicer, more economical finished product with pre planning.

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