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Storm Clean Up & Tree Removal

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Hurricane Michael struck a devastating blow to everyone in it's path. It will take years to clean up the mess it left behind. Hundreds of tree removal companies, land clearing companies and fly by night clean up crews, served to quickly get priority areas taken care of quickly. However, hundreds of property owners have been taken advantage of and paid ridiculous prices for tree and debris removal.             

New View Land Clearing is a local land clearing company. We have many options and  unique machines to get your property cleaned up. 

*Excavator mounted tree harvester: Grabs the tree, standing or blown down, strokes it through delimbing as it goes and cuts to any length. This machine can safely take down & cut to manageable size all those damaged trees without the dangers involved with ground crews and chainsaws. 

*Excavator mounted mulching head: Can grind trees and debris on the spot in areas where you don't mind the chips and mulch on the ground

*Excavator with bucket or root rake: Can remove all the uprooted stumps.

*Track loaders & grapples: Can uproot smaller trees and brush if needed. Can move all the cut logs and limbs for loading & removal.

*Forestry mulching machines: Great for grinding trees and brush on the spot. Eliminates need for removal and hauling in areas where you don't mind the chips and mulch left behind. Also great for grinding stumps flat with the ground.

*Log Truck: Can haul off full length trees or bunk length logs.

*Self loading grapple truck: Can self load and haul off debris piles without needing a separate machine to load.

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